Ucla vs berkeley chemical engineering reddit

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News to view school data side by side. .

What does the ranking really mean? Is there such a big difference.

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Engineering/Product Champion/R&D predominantly last 8 years and looking to transition away but not oppose or tied to staying in O&G industry.

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trust me when i say, i'm literally debating between each campus.


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If you choose UCLA over UC Berkeley the only folks that will ever look down on your degree are the UCB grads, but they'll probably hire you anyway.


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More detailed answer would be that it depends on things like location, financial standing, goals, etc.

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University of California - Los Angeles is one of the finest schools in the United States for getting a degree in chemical engineering.


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- Safety: Pretty self-explanatory.

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- College Experience: While I do like the decent balance between academics and social life, I don't think Berkeley is quite comparable to UCLA.

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Alumni of this program that I know have gone into PhD programs, environmental engineering masters programs (cal, ucla, stanford), or just straight up got jobs working as consultants.


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I know this isn't what you're looking for completely, b/c it doesn't really help you choose Cal vs.


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But so is UCLA.


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It prepares the student for employment in such industries as chemical, petroleum, electrochemical, biochemical, semiconductor, nuclear, aerospace, plastics,.

UCLA vs UC Berkeley for Mechanical Engineering? So I got accepted into both UC Berkeley and UCLA but can’t really decide between the two so could someone help me.

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But cal poly Pomona seemed to want me more over SDSU come application tine.

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UCLA vs Berkeley vs NYU College Comparison so i recently got admitted to ucla and berkeley and was having the most STRESSFUL time trying to pick between them.

Simple answer is UC for academia and research, CSU for industry.

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View the data now.


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UCLA has a campus that FEELs like a college campus.

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The 2022 Ph.

Better food imo.
What does the ranking really mean? Is there such a big difference
Cant say much about LA, but Berkeley in my experience has been great
Ideally would like to enter Financial Services and/or Entrepreneurship
The students on the Berkeley forum generally are not complaining about involuntary delayed graduation (although popular out-of-major courses can be hard to
But so is UCLA
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Its tuition is full-time: $11,700 per year (in-state) and full-time: $26,802 per year (out-of-state)
No employer is gonna choose someone just because they went to Berkeley over UCLA