Shortwave utility monitoring

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Dedicated to Amateur Radio, Aviation Scanning, AM DXing and, Broadcast and Utility Shortwave Listening. .

For general Shortwave Broadcast (AM) listening, bandwidths of 3Khz through to 6Khz are useful, but for SSB utility voice transmissions look for settings of 1.

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Box 98 Brasstown, NC 28902 Tracking the Soviet Space Program One of the more interesting activities to monitor in the shortwave utility bands are the Soviet SESS tracking ships.


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SW broadcast.

Apr 23, 2023 · Klingenfuss Radio Monitoring.

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Early long-distance radio telegraphy used long waves.

Milcom By Larry Van Horn N5FPW Monitor the 380-399.

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By Don Moore (The following article was originally published in the April/May 2022 edition of the Great Lakes Monitor, bulletin of the Michigan Association of Radio Enthusiasts.


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A23 Season - May 2023.

SW broadcast.

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Sep 26, 2021 · What are utility stations on HF? This is a valid question, and one that can be answered using a bit of negative logic.

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Shortwave Utility Monitoring by: Sholto Fisher K7TMG With a fair signal and good decoding equipment, it is often possible to get 100% accuracy of received text over a considerable length of time! Figure 1: An extract of William’s list for the 8MHz Maritime band.

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Bartram J.

Too bad there is no vaccine yet developed to protect amateur and shortwave electronics manufacturers from the devastating effects of today’s inflation, supply chain issues, and the chip shortage.

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The transmissions you can monitor include weather reports (SYNOP), navigational warnings, FAX images, positional/situational reports, and general information relevant to mariners.

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Voice descrambler - This program.

Utility stations presumably serve a useful purpose, for example communication between ship and shore.

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A23 Season - May 2023.

0 kHz, 11175.

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ILGRadio - ILGRadio.


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The broadcast medium wave band now extends above the 200 m / 1,500 kHz limit.


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Sep 23, 2021.

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Flight status updates.

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A broadcaster fires up the transmitter and goes on and on, sometimes for hours at a time.

For 50+ years, we've been the world's leading publisher of books and databases for professional shortwave (HF) radio monitoring.

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ILGRadio - ILGRadio.

Books - Shortwave Utility Listening : Guide to Utility Radio Stations 2021-2022.

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A broadcaster fires up the transmitter and goes on and on, sometimes for hours at a time.

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TSM Reviews: 2022 Klingenfuss Shortwave Listening Guides By Bob Grove W8JHD For more than 50 years, the massive guides to shortwave frequencies and utility radio stations published by Joerg Klingenfuss have been among the top sources used by avid shortwave listeners worldwide
By Joerg Klingenfuss
a video monitor or the decoder's own "marquis - like" display
Jun 2, 2018 · Dallas Federal Monitoring
Jan 27, 2014 · Boender, who lives in the Netherlands, has monitored and documented shortwave numbers stations since 1982
Milcom By Larry Van Horn N5FPW Monitor the 380-399
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