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12900k which is supposed to be hotter than 13600k, my usual temps are: 35-40 idle 40-50 casual load (browser, movie etc) 65-75 game load (heavy titles) Below 90 on CPU benchmarks. Factors like the clock speed of your GPU will impact whether your CPU can maintain a normal temperature while gaming.


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by Brooke Foster.

A study estimates people are already losing an average of 44 hours of sleep per year.

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415: Max Power Draw (W) 204.

We run a seriously heavyweight CPU cooler,.

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2F) or 25C heat, according.

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2 days ago · Factors like the clock speed of your GPU will impact whether your CPU can maintain a normal temperature while gaming.

Oct 20, 2022 · They also did whole platform costs too, and the 13600k was $140 odd cheaper to get running.

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When it comes to synthetic performance, the Intel Core i5-13600K simply overpowers both chips with a larger number of cores, faster clocks, and raw power wattage.

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Whether you're gaming or browsing, or if the GPU is idle, the normal temperature to aim for is whatever your card manufacturer specifies is safe.

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Stress tests running hot are normal and some throttling is to be expected in higher core count setups, you are maxing out the hardware for extended periods.

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The i5 13600k, with a similar OC of 5.

4c Last thing that annoys me is my package temp is around 43-48 idle on desktop.

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Just for clarification, on a 13600k is a ~23600 score at 89 max temp on a 10 minute stress test a good normal range? Room temp is 24.

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Intel employs Thermal Velocity Boost and Turbo Boost 3.

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May 5, 2023 · 8,339.


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In multi-core, it scores 16% more thanks to the four additional threads.

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7 °C which is 2.
34V max and temp raises slower to 95c (still CPU-Z stress test)
Intel has set a temperature margin running towards 100 Degrees C before throttling occurs
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